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GFD - Gesellschaft für Dichtungstechnik mbH is a family-owned company based in Brackenheim. GFD develops, manufactures and sells gaskets and sealing systems made of plastic and metal for the highest demands and extreme operating conditions. The production site is located in Belgium, assembly and prefabrication of the products takes place at the location in Brackenheim.

In order to ensure the high-quality standard of our products, the management in co-operation with the employees commits itself to the following quality policy.

We are a reliable and fair partner to our customers, suppliers and employees. We take our corporate responsibility seriously to execute the tasks given to us. We put ourselves in a position to satisfy the requirements of our customers, suppliers and employees.

Employee Satisfaction
The qualifications, skills and motivation of our employees is a fundamental requirement for our corporate success. That is why it is important for us to train and educate our employees, to provide them with the knowledge they need to carry out their activities. The responsibility to implement our quality policy is borne by every employee in their particular area of responsibility.

Environmental and Occupational Safety
We meet the legal requirements of environmental protection without any restriction. We constantly monitor our environmental guidelines and adapt them wherever appropriate and necessary. We always look for the best environmentally friendly production and assembly method. Where appropriate or necessary, we introduce measures to make the processes as environmentally friendly as possible. In terms of occupational safety and health and safety, we fulfil the legal requirements. In addition, an external partner will provide us with the prerequisite staff training and specialized information we need to meet the requirements.

Zero Defect Philosophy
The 0-error policy is an important principle for us. Problems and identified mistakes are opportunities for us to innovate and improve. Each employee has the duty and the right to contribute to the detection of errors and their elimination. Error-prevention has priority over fault-detection.

Customer Satisfaction
Our customers are our partners, our existence, and the justification for us to pursue our daily tasks. They decide on the success and the continued existence of our company. We want to reliably fulfil the aspirations and requirements of our customers as well as to maintain and intensify their satisfaction.

Retention of Market Share and Market Expansion
Through planned and targeted procedures, we endeavour to secure the growth of our company. In markets where our products are already purchased, we continue to supply them with our innovative and reliable products, thereby consolidating our foothold. We want to serve and sustainably build-up our new markets with our know-how and many years of sound experience.

Growth and Profit
Our goal is to generate enough profit to finance and secure the continued growth and existence of our company. We will provide the resources and financial means needed to achieve our business goals.

Continuous Improvement
To question the efficacy of a current system is for us a pertinent task and challenge. Through the continuous improvement of our processes, we visualize a realistic goal to continuously improve the quality and competitiveness of our products. We strive to continuously adapt and enhance our quality management system to adapt to the actual circumstances of the day.

Erika Löbich
-Executive Board-

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