Environmental guidelines

We recorded our guidelines regarding environmentally compatible management in writing, in order to fix and to integrate the environmental thought into the company targets as well as to make it transparent towards our customers, suppliers, employees and the public.

These guidelines are to integrate the environmental thought into our general managerial policy, to offer our partners and employees the basis to deal with it and to identify themselves with this environmental policy as well as to bring in ideas and improvements.

We want to orientate ourselves at the following guidelines and constantly develop them further.

The preservation of our environment and the bases of life of future generations is a special matter of importance to us.

We regard environmental protection as an important component of our management and guarantee that it is realized in all functions and on all levels of the enterprise in concrete goals and behaviour rules.

We will only achieve the goals of environmental protection in trusting co-operation with our customers, suppliers and all other partners.

The materials used are examined carefully and critically for their environmental compatibility. We consider also medium- and long-term impacts including the disposal, as far as this is possible for us as a processing medium-sized enterprise.

Materials are to be calculated carefully, procured and used economically and properly. Materials and techniques are examined for possible environmental pollution. The life span of our products and materials is to be optimized by adequate production and processing, reparability and reusability.

We want to avoid or reduce all materials, which pollute the environment, as good as we can. If possible, the materials used should be led back into an utilization cycle.

Where multiple-use systems are available for container, packing, bottles etc., these are to be used preferably.

All forms of energy are to be used economically and purposively. Where it is justifiable, renewable energies are to be used. All technical and organizational measures for energy saving are to be used.

We want to identify and seize materials and effects, which affect our enterprise or proceed from this, in order to improve constantly our environmental efforts by constant observations and analyses, which are within our possibilities.

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