Laser & Sensor

Laser- & Sensor Technology

Both our spring-energized lip seals and our resilient metal seals have been consistently convincing in this area for many years with their extremely low leakage rates. Optical measuring machines, CO2 laser cutting heads and ultrashort pulse lasers are only a few examples for which we offer our extremely efficient solutions.

Dust seal
Laser devices

Dust seal
Laser devices

+ Medium: dirt, dust

+ Temperature: up to 70°C

+ Pressure: low

+ Special characteristics: insert in removable cassette

+ Solution: permanently elastic lip seal made of highly wear-resistant material for low-maintenance use

Housing seal

Housing seal

Component housing seals in laser modules
Maintenance of defined pressure ratios over long periods of time
Protection against contamination
Achieving the lowest leakage rates with low pressing loads
+ Solution: Resilent Metal Seals


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