General informations

GFD metal C-rings are static sealing elements for machines and installations with high requirements. Metal C-rings are considerably more elastic than metal O-rings and other metal seals.

The prestressed forces are approx. At one third of the ones metal O-rings (compare diagram page 7). However these prestressed forces differentiate according to material, heat, tolerances, treatment etc.

The sealing is secured by means of the spring-back of the metal C-rings, as movements inside the flanged joint (in extreme case flange removal) have to be taken into account. The prestress / deformation is approx. a 20% of the ring height.

Metal C-rings are available for internal and external pressure or axial thrust. The seal operates self-energizing as the metal C-rings are open towards the thrust face. C-rings are available with a ring outside diameter from 6.5 mm to 300 mm as well with round profile section or also in special profiles. Dimensions from 0.9 mm to 6.4 mm are available as profile sections.

Available are the same materials and coatings as with O-rings. Inconel X-750 (= code no. 5) is the standard material of C-rings. Applications are possible in the range up to 980 degrees centigrade above zero. High-vacuum 10-10 mb l/s up to the ultrahigh pressure range of 6800 bar can be accomplished with metal C-rings.


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