Sealing specification

Sealing load or required force of pressure

The following graphic chart shows the required force of pressure referring to the diameter of the sealing ring for different tube outside diameters and wall thick-nesses of the stainless tubing. For tubing made of Inconel 600 the indicated values have or be multiplied with factor 1.1 and for Inconel X-750 with factor 1.4.

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Sealing specification - order code key

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The order example describes above "MOR-332-0096,80-PFSM" refers to a metal O-ring of:
Inox 321, with tube outside diameter of 2.4 mm, a wall thickness of 0.25 mm, a ring outside diameter of 96.80 mm (incl. coating), pressure-filled, silver coated with a coating thickness from 0.03 to 0.05 mm
Not all combinations of materials, dimensions and wall thickness are available. Please contact us.

Should you require any further instructions or recommendations, please supply us the following information:
application, ranges of temperature and pressure, available space, material, medium to be sealed, available force of pressure, drawing of the installation position.
*only for solid rings

Our competent and experienced team will always assist you consultative.


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